Halloween inspiration this half-term

Halloween inspiration this half-term


Need some Halloween inspiration? It's half-term, it's cold and it's dreary - Halloween is approaching! Personally, it is my favourite time of the year. I absolutely love comfy jumpers, hot chocolates and having the central heating on (unlike my husband!).

However, finding things to do can often be a nightmare at this time of year, you might not fancy braving the rain or wind with kids in tow. With this in mind I thought it might be useful to put together a list of Halloween inspiration. From indoor activities to things you can make. Have a great half-term!

Our favourite Halloween inspiration videos:


1. Make some DIY Halloween decorations

Buzzfeed Nifty


2. Carve some Pumpkins



3. Make some Halloween treats

Well done


4. Use your Pumpkin leftovers...



5. Dress the front of the house up...

Popular Decorating Ideas


6. Make a DIY Halloween Costume

5 minute crafts


A quick note; we have been sure to include a link through to the video owners' page underneath the Halloween inspiration video titles above. Some of the activities may require adult supervision, especially when it comes to using sharp objects, cooking equipment and hot surfaces - please make sure you supervise children at all times.

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